Which file formats and sizes does SignRequest support?

You can upload most file formats, like Word, Excel, Google doc, Google sheet, HTML and PDF. For the best result, we advise you to use PDF documents.

Other file formats will work as well but depending on the complexity, the document can change a bit during the conversion process. When in doubt it's best to test the file and if needed adjust the file to improve the result after conversion.

There is no hard limit on a maximum supported file size but we recommend not uploading files larger than 20MB. In addition to this we also recommend to upload documents that are 20 pages or less. It is possible that for larger files, the conversion process will take longer. As a solution for this some users split the document in a part that needs to be signed and a part that is added as an attachment.

If for your workflow you need to upload documents that are larger than the recommended 20MB or more then 20 pages we advise that you upload a couple of these documents to test out the service yourself.

If you receive the error "Format is incorrect", SignRequest recommends that you convert the file to a PDF.  For example, from a "Word" document, you can click File-->Export To-->PDF (see screenshot)


If the file is already a PDF: 

It is possible that your company is using a system that prints PDF-files in a non-compatible way.

This could result in the fact that our software can only partly read your PDF file.

When this happens you can always contact us at support and provide us with the document so that we can try and reproduce the problem and start an investigation.

What you can also do is try and convert your PDF to another format (like Word, for example), then convert the document back to a PDF.  This can 'flatten' the PDF and make it readable by our system.

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