Prefill signers in Salesforce (Classic & Lightning)

If you want to improve your workflow even more and you have documents you always need to send with the same configuration then you can add custom buttons. On window.SR_SETTINGS you can add a field 'prefilled_signers' which is a json object.

For every signer you have the option of supplying either an email, or an object_type and id. If the latter is chosen you will have two options of selecting the contact from a dropdown list with all contacts linked to the object.

Within window.SR_SETTINGS:

prefilled_signers: [{
        email: '', // Salesforce tags can be used, for example {!Contact.Email}
	level:'signature', // Choose either signature, cc, aprove
	order:0 // Signers will receive emails in this order. Same order can be used for multiple signers
	order:0, // By default all signers will receive the SignRequest at the same time. Make this '1' to only send the SignRequest after signers with order '0' have signed.
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