Prefilling documents with data from Salesforce

If you want to prefill certain tags with data from Salesforce you first need to make sure your document or template has been prepared using tags with id's as described here.

The same 'prefill_tags' tag should be used in window.SR_SETTING as shown below.

prefill_tags: [

{"external_id":"birth_date", "date_value":"{!Contact.Birthdate}"},          {"external_id":"contact_name", "text":"{!Contact.LastName}"}


Of course Merge Fields can be used to populate the data. Stay consistent with how Salesforce parses Merge Fields when manually populating tags. So true/false = "1"/"0" and dates are in the format "mm/dd/yyyy".

Note that this document generation works for relatively simple tasks and is not as extensive as 'real' document generation tools. For example we recommend that every tag is added on a separate line in the document to adjust for size differences of the signer's input.

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