Salesforce: Prefill Template Documents with Data

You can prefill placeholders with data on a prepared template document using our SignRequest Setup page in Salesforce.

If it's the first time you are creating a setup for SignRequest for Salesforce to either a Standard (Contacts, Lead or Opportunities, for example) or Custom Object, and wishes to have that document prefilled with data, using SignRequest's prefill_data parameter, you should open 'SignRequest SetUp' in Salesforce Lightning. 


In the SignRequest SetUp page, you can find Advanced Settings, click on it.


After that, you can find two options. The first where you can prefill signers. And the second where you can use prefill_tags for a prepared Template Document used for your SignRequests. For that, you can add the IDs of your placeholder with the value you want to give them, those values can be either Checkboxes, Texts or Dates. As shown in the example below:Screenshot_2020-04-07_at_15.13.08.png

Now when a document contains the calls to the objects above, for instance {!Contact.Lastime}. You can have your document prefilled using the prefill_tags field on a template document by referring the 'id', such as 'contact_last_name'.

Note that tags are only prefilled, and thus visible, when the signer with a same signing order as those placeholder's indexes assigned to the external_ids and signing order associate to him/her opens the document.

For example, a document which has a text placeholder [[t|1| id: contact_last_name]] will only be associate to a signer X with a signing order 1 for the Prefill Signers

Only after that signer X with an order 1 has finished signing, those tags will also be visible to next signers with orders and indexes 2, 3 and so on. Important, signing orders 0 are always associated to the document's sender.

For more information, check our documentation on how to prepare documents:

Note: when using a lookup between different objects, the format of your code will change. For example, when using a lookup from Contact to Opportunity. The format will be:


For more information, check:

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