How to Start Using the API Solution

If you want to start using an API solution for your e-signature needs, or if you would like to integrate SignRequest with Vincere or TOPdesk, this article is for you.

You can trial the API for free by setting up a Sandbox trial account.

-> How to enable a Sandbox API account?

From your Sandbox or team, you can generate an API token which is also used within Vincere or TOPdesk to activate the integration.

-> How to generate an API token

When you are ready to purchase the API solution, you'll need to first purchase the Business subscription for 1 license (the Business subscription is the prerequisite to having the API plan).

You can start with a free trial, or just subscribe right away via the Billing page.

-> How to get started

Then, you can convert your sandbox team to "production" or you can create a new production team.

You have two options for paying for API documents:

1. Pay-as-you-go, or

2. Prepaid bundle

-> API Pricing Page

-> API Documents


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