In which languages is SignRequest available?

SignRequest is currently available in 17 languages. You can select your preferred language in the lower right corner.

Note that the language selected is the language used for your own environment while sending the document and for the SignRequest emails that will be sent.

However, once your signer clicks on the 'Review document' button in the email SignRequest automatically detects and selects the language settings of the signer's browser. If SignRequest does not have the language of the signer yet the system will default to English. 


Receiving emails in the wrong language?

The majority of SignRequest emails are translated into the Senders chosen language settings.

However, if you are having trouble reading the emails from SignRequest, we recommend copy/pasting them into Google Translate so you are able to read them in your native language.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause in the meantime.

Our development team is continuously iterating the system and emails.

When iterating something, the first language is always English. This means that if the other languages have not been updated yet, the system automatically defaults into English and the emails will also be in English.

We try to update the languages as frequently as possible, but the reality is that we can never completely translate every language at the same time.

For now, we kindly ask for your understanding that certain emails are currently being sent out in English.

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