Automate SignRequest with Salesforce's Process Builder

After installing SignRequest for Salesforce App via Appexchange, you can instantly call SignRequest's API using Salesforce's Process Builder, with almost all features available in SignRequest's API.

Connect SignRequest with Process Builder

1. Create a usual process with Process Builder

2. Select the object and criteria. In the example below: Contact. 


Below, an example of criteria, that a SignRequest is sent for a newly created Contact. You can choose different functions in the 'Function' search bar, such as ISNEW()


3. As the action type select Apex

4. As the action class select Send SignRequest


5. Continue to the next step by adding the necessary parameters as the Immediate Actions 

Minimum required parameters:

Object type of the parent object:

Type the name of the parent object for your SignRequest eg. Opportunity, Contact or CustomObject__c.

Id of the parent object:

The Id of the Parent object.

SignRequest API token:

You can generate this token under the team settings in, copy and paste the token here.

Signer 1 Email:

The email address of the first signer on the document.

Select the document:

To select which document needs to be sent, you can choose 1 of the 2 following:

  1. Select a document from within Salesforce select Salesforce Document Type: Enter either 'Files' or 'Attachments' and Salesforce Document ID: reference the Id of the document here.
  2. Or you can create a template on and after saving the template copy and paste the URL and select SignRequest Template Id in Process Builder.

Customise with optional variables:

In addition to the required variables you can add additional requirements.


The email subject line on the SignRequest email. This subject can include merge fields.


The message in the email from the SignRequest email. This message can include merge fields.

Send Reminders:

Select if you want to automatically send reminders when the document isn't signed. Learn more about automatic reminders here.

Signer # order:

The signing order in which this signer needs to sign. For more information about adding an order have a look here.

Signer # level:

Enter either signature, notify, cc or approve. You can find more information about the various levels of signers here.

Pre-fill Tag # external Id:

When using SignRequest templates, the tags can be given an External Id, copy and paste them here to automatically have them pre filled. The external IDs can be filled with data from Salesforce's objects. You can find more informations about how to work with External Id's here.

Pre-fill Tag # Text, Date or Checkbox:

Enter or reference the value that needs to be pre-filled in the template using merge fields.

From Email:

To define the email address of the sender you can fill this field with a merge field or standard value.

Subdomain with team and brand settings:

The subdomain and team settings are automatically added in the case of using Process Builder.

See example below:



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