Troubleshoot API: disable_emails not working

By default, SignRequest sends the Signing Log and the Signed Document via e-mail. However, certain integrations might want to download those copies directly to their backend as soon as the documents are signed, with no need for e-mails to be sent. However, only by having a callback URL configured for those teams/subdomains, that SignRequest can guarantee those documents are being sent back to their signatories. 

How to enable a callback URL for your SignRequest subdomain

For that, open SignRequest's User Interface and select the team you wish to configure those callbacks for, in the upper right corner, where you see your username. After that, open the Teams page. You should be able to configure that callback in API Settings, see example below:


As soon as your team has a callback configured. The disable_emails parameter should work. For more details, check the following page of our documentation:

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