Where can I access the signed documents?

Once a document has been signed, you can access the final copy from two different places:

1. The "My Documents" folder.

You can access the "My Documents folder from the SignRequest home page.  Keep in mind that each "Team" and "Personal Account" has independent "My Documents" folders. (So, make sure you are logged into the correct one).



From the list of documents, you can click on a document to be presented with the ability to download the Signed Document, as well as the Signing Log.  From here you can also delete documents.  If the document has not been signed yet, you can always "Re-send SignRequest email from this page as well.



2.  Email Attachments/Document Links

Once a document has been finalized, all parties involved in the document will receive an email with confirmation that the document has been signed. 

This email always contains two attachments:

1. The final signed document

2. The official signing log




You can also have documents automatically uploaded to Google Drive immediately upon finalization via SignRequest's Integrations.

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