SignRequest and the LTO Network Blockchain

What is the benefit of activating this integration?

SignRequest values the authenticity of your signed documents. In case there ever is a dispute about when exactly the document has been signed you need to be able to verify the date and time of signing. In case two signers have a different version of the signed contract you also need to be able to validate which one is the original one.

For this purpose, SignRequest already seals the signed document with a digital certificate and adds a timestamp of our own server to the signing log. In for example Adobe Reader the digital certificate is visible by the green checkmark. If the document is changed the seal is broken and the green checkmark indicates the signature is no longer valid.

In addition, SignRequest sends the hash codes of the documents by email. These hash codes are unique for each document and can be used to validate the authenticity of the signed document and the signing log.

As an extra option SignRequest can now add the hash code to the LTO Network Blockchain. This allows signers to validate if the hash code is valid and allows for an additional timestamp.


Where can I activate this within SignRequest?

You can activate this feature if you have a paid SignRequest account in the advanced options of your team settings.

blockchain settings

SignRequest will also, for testing purposes and future developments implement this feature for (a part of) the free users and/or for paid users that did not activate this feature themselves. In that case, however, this will not be visible in the signing log. Although this is completely anonymous users can also actively opt-out if they wish to do so.


Why this step?

SignRequest has been reviewing and testing Blockchain technology for several years. Although we believe it is unclear what the future will bring, we do feel it's a great technology and that electronically signing documents is a good use case for Blockchain projects. That's why we want to be at the forefront of this technology and explore it further.


What's next?

We're not sure yet. We'll be testing how our market reacts to this new feature and explore our next steps together with our partners.


How to view your document proof in LTO Network?

After you have activated the use and visibility of LTO Network you can click on the link in the signing log to see if the transaction is valid.
After clicking the link you'll see the following:
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