How to integrate SignRequest with Google Forms

For a detailed tutorial on how to integrate SignRequest with Google Forms, please see the following video: 

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  • Hi, can you tell me if it is possible to make some kind of rule within this connection? For example I have a question about our service locations for which representatives are the ones that need to sign. However these are different people. So if someone answers the location question (multiple choice) with Dordrecht I want to send the sign request to person X and if someone answers it with Amsterdam i want to send the sign request to person Y. Is this possible?


  • Can you set this up so the document is sent to you so you can add additional information before it's sent out for signatures?

    The use-case:  Equipment Rental

    1. The customer fills out the basic required agreement and is sent to the back office
    2. The office can then add additional data (the items being rented, the price, serial numbers, rental duration, deposit, etc...) to an agreement.  
    3. The final document can be sent to the customer and management for signatures (approval).   

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