Email is not delivered

SignRequest uses Amazon's email service, which is one of the most reliable vendors in the market, so in almost all cases the email will be sent.

If your email isn't delivered to your contact(s) please check the following:

1. In your "My documents" overview check if the email address is correct.

2. In the overview, you can also check the status of the signer. If the status is "sent", then the email has been sent. If the status is "waiting" then you've probably (perhaps by accident) added an order of signing and SignRequest is waiting until another signer has signed.

3. It's possible that the email could not be delivered, usually, this results into you receiving a message that the email has bounced. This can take however a few hours or even a day before you receive this message because our email server will automatically try again.

4. Test the email account of your signer. Try sending a 'normal' email to the signer to see if that email is delivered or if you receive a mail server error. In that case, the signer should solve the issue with their email account.

If the above doesn't solve the issue, then please contact us with the document ID.


With this information, we will research the issue in more detail. 

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