Using the same email address multiple times

There are some cases where a sender would like to take action during two different places in the signing order.  Other times two people, a married couple, for example, will share the same email address, but they both will need to sign separately. 

SignRequest currently only supports one user per email address, as a verification method.

The workaround for this is to add a "+1" to the prefix of the email address for the second time using the same email address.

Please note that on a rare occasion it is possible that an email provider does not support adding the +1 functionality which would mean this workaround is not applicable.


For example:  

"" fills-out some of the document first, then sent it to be signed by the other party.  After the other party has signed, the SignRequest would then be returned to the sender to sign/ fill-out once more. The sender would use "" the second time around (as if it were a completely different contact.


Make sure to pay attention to the Signing Order!

This should solve your problem, as you will receive both emails to the same email inbox using this format.

The other option is to simply use two different email addresses. 

Just let us know if you have any other questions by submitting a ticket to our help center.

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