Export input data per signer

If you would like to use the data, for example name or address, that is added by your signers you can export this data in an excel file. If you have access to developers you can also use our API to automatically store this data where you want.

For the export it's important to give every input field an ID, this ID will be added as a column in the excel file. If you don't add an ID the input will not be exported to the excel.

You can add an ID in 3 ways:


1. Create a template online in the web application

To add an ID while creating a template click on the "advanced" button while adding the input field.



2. Create a template using template tags

This option is very helpful if you work from a base document which you need to change (a lot) before sending. You can find more information about template tags here: Template tags.


3. Add the ID while preparing the document

This option is not recommended as it requires much manual tasks which is prone to errors.


After adding an ID to the necessary fields you can use the export button in your My documents section.


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