Change Original Document (Old Design)

If you have a document that is already prepared with template placeholders, and you would like a different document to have the exact same placeholders, you do not have to create a new template all over again.


Option 1: If you want to keep the original 'template' with the same base document, then you can copy the original template first.

Option 2: If you frequently need to change the base document and don't require to make a copy of the template with the original document, then you can 'Change original file' from within the 'prepare document' page when sending a SignRequest. This workflow is good if you are generating the same document externally with different inputs each time.


Option 1: Copy the original template first.


Then click 'Edit';



Then scroll to the bottom right and click 'Change Original File';


This will change the original base document behind the copied template. 

For a step-by-step look at how to do this, please see the following video:



Option 2: Select 'Add document to sign' from the home page> Select the 'template' that you want to use to send a SignRequest;




Add the contacts email address(s);



Select 'Prepare document';



On the 'prepare document' page, scroll to the bottom right and click 'Change Original File';



Now you can upload the new base document. The new document will be uploaded but the template placeholders will remain in the same position.

You can optionally change the name of the document that you are sending out eg. (Clients name). This enables you to easily manage the frequently sent documents from your 'My documents' section.

You can also change the message that the recipient will receive. This does not change the saved name of the template or the message that is saved in the template.


Sign and send.

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