What is the Signing Log?

The signing log is the 'audit trail' or 'legal proof' of a document that has been signed.

The signing log proves that the signatures and approvals on the document are indeed valid.

Are electronic signatures legally binding?



What information is included in the signing log?

-Document ID

-Secure hash code



-IP addresses

-Email addresses

-SignRequest verifications


-Internet browsers used

Where can I find the signing log?

You can locate the signing log in two places:

1. The "My Documents" folder

In the "My Documents" folder, you have access to all of your signed documents, as well as their signing logs.  You can search for a document and download the signing log.  


2. Your email as an attachment

By default, whenever a document is signed, all parties involved in the document will receive an email with two attachments.  One is the PDF copy of the final signed document, and the other is the PDF copy of the final signing log.  You can adjust your email notifications from the Account page.

You can download the signing log straight from your email attachments.


The Signing Log gives E-signing an edge on 'wet' signatures

Another bonus to having the signing log is that all signatures and inputs on an electronic document are verified by SignRequest.  It does not matter what the signatures or approvals look like in an e-signed document because the signing log proves that input was made by this specific signer.

Essentially, the signing log 'backs up' any inputs made by signers which can be used as proof if ever disputed.


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