How can I receive email or Slack notifications about the status (opened, viewed, signed) of the documents?

The status notifications in your account

You can view the status of a document in your "My documents" overview. For a more detailed view in which the status of each signer is shown you can click on the specific document.

To prevent having to go to this overview you can receive additional notifications by email or with Slack.

With these notifications you can easily keep track of what your signers are doing and act accordingly by calling or sending an (automatic) reminder.

By default the "SignRequest email bounced", "Document declined" and "Document signed" notifications are activated. You can change the preferences for your notifications on your account page.

SignRequest offers 6 types of Slack or email notifications


1. SignRequest email bounced

The email could not be delivered, for example due to a full inbox or a typo.

2. Signer signed

One of the signers has signed the contract. 

3. Signer viewed email

The signer has opened the email.

4. Signer viewed document

The signer has clicked on the link in the email to view the contract.

5. Document declined

The signer has declined to sign the contract.

6. Document signed

All signers have signed the contract.

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