Enable Two Factor Authentication

SignRequest recommends you to enable two-factor login as an extra security measure. Please visit your account page.  

Note: It is not (yet) possible to use two-factor authentication in combination with Zapier. Enabling this setting will disable any Zapier integration you've made, and a (403) Forbidden error will occur in Zapier. The Two Factor Authentication will need to be disabled from the account page to enable the Zapier integration.


For a detailed step by step process on how to enable 'two factor authentication', have a look below.


1. Click 'Enable Two-Factor Authentication' on your account page.  

Enable Two-Factor Button


2. Select the authentication method

a. SignRequest advises you to use the Google Authenticator app which you can use to log in with many other services as well.


b. It is also possible to enable 2FA for your signers in the form of a text message verification, or a user password--> Additional 2FA methods.

3. Enter the token

Open your Google Authenticator App on your phone, click '+' to add an additional login and scan the QR code. You can now enter the token.

QR Code in Authenticator AppScreenshot_2021-09-24_at_7.50.33_PM.pngScreenshot_2021-09-24_at_7.50.33_PM.png


You should now see the next screen.

Successful Authentication Screen


4. Add a back-up device

In case you lose your phone you need an additional back-up device.

Add Back-up Device


5. Create back-up tokens (Optional)

Back-up Tokens Button

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