How to switch between your personal and team account(s)

By default, every user has one personal account. The personal account can be used to get access to one or more team accounts. If you have one team account this would be your main account by default. In your account settings you can define your default account.

Your personal account is completely private for yourself. By switching to a team account you can:

  • share (signed) documents and templates with team members
  • add your own branding
  • add a landing page for your signers
  • define your font type for the signer's input
  • add a default message
  • add a default subject line
  • define which type of signatures are allowed to be used (typed / drawn / uploaded images)

It is by the way possible to start a branded 'team' account with just one user.

You can easily switch between your accounts by opening the menu and selecting your preferred account as shown in the image below. 



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