How to delete a team account?

As the 'Primary account owner' of a subscription, you can create, manage and invite users to a team. In some situations, you may be required to delete a team.

Reasons for deleting a team:

  • If you want to delete your SignRequest account, you will first need to delete all 'team(s)' on your subscription. How to delete my account
  • If you wish to change the 'subdomain' of your team, then you would need to create a new team with a new subdomain and delete the previous team. How to create a team
  • The team is no longer required.

NOTE: When sending a document from a ''team' profile, the document will appear in the teams 'My Documents' section as well as the sender's 'Personal' profile 'My Documents' section.

If a 'team' is deleted, the documents sent from the team will be deleted, but will remain in the 'My Documents' section of the 'Personal' profile(s) of the sender(s) of the document(s).


Steps to delete a team account


1. Make sure you are logged into the team that you would like to delete.


2. Go to the "Teams" page.


3. Click "Advanced".


4. Click "Delete Team".Screen_Shot_2020-07-02_at_3.07.56_PM.png

5. You will then receive a message saying that the team will be permanently deleted in 7 days.  This is for security purposes.  You have the option of "un-deleting" the team during that 7 day period.


See tutorial video below:




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