How to enable the Google Drive integration

To enable any of the direct integrations such as Google Drive, you will need to go to the Account Page

* Please note that these direct integrations are designed to work only for the 'personal' account.  These integrations would not apply on a 'team' level. 

For more information, see 'What is the difference between a 'personal' and 'team' account?' *


To enable the integration:

1. Click "Enable" for the application you would like to connect.


2. You'll be prompted to sign into your Google account.

*Make sure that the external account you are integrating with is the same email address of your SignRequest account.


3. Once the integration is enabled, all of your signed documents will be stored in a Google Drive folder called "SignRequest".

If you would like to have different types of documents get uploaded to different folders within Google Drive, then please see this article.


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  • I have done the integration with google but when creating a signrequest from the extensions tab in the google doc I get the following error:¬†refused to connect.

    I am logged in on Google and Signrequest (with the connected google account). Why isn't it working?

  • Hi Martin,

    Do you have a registered SignRequest account with a login password?

    As well as enabling the 'Google' integration from the Account Page within your SignRequest account, have you also installed the Google Drive Add-On?

    -> How to enable the Google Drive integration

    -> How to set up the "Google Drive Add-On"

    Is your Google account login the same email address as the SignRequest account login?

    If not, then the integration will not work as they are required to be the same email address.

    Kind regards,

    SignRequest Support


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