How to upload and sign a document yourself

If you would like to upload a document to sign it yourself, here is a video and a written guide which demonstrates the process:

The steps are as follows:

1. From your homepage, Click "Add file to sign".



2. Upload the document from your computer, or from a saved template.Screen_Shot_2020-12-10_at_5.18.22_PM.png


3. Insert the placeholders that you intend fill out. (You can also skip this step and simply add them during the signing process).  If you are using a template, the fields would already be prepared.



4. Add the email addresses of any contacts that you would like to CC (receive a signed copy of this document).



5. Click "sign".


6. Fill in the document, and click "Finalize".Screen_Shot_2020-12-10_at_5.26.58_PM.png


7. You, and anyone else CC'd on the document, will now receive an email containing the signed document and signing log as attachments.  

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