How to add or require initials?

Traditionally, with 'wet' signatures (using a pen and paper) the purpose of adding initials was to show that the signer is "approving" or accepting the terms of a particular page or clause.  The use of initials is not required anymore with digital signing. With SignRequest, all electronically signed documents are tracked back to the signer via the Signing Log. 

Alternatively, rather than adding initials, you can simply add a checkbox field so the signer only needs to check a box, indicating that they approve.  This input will be linked to the specific person via the Signing Log (shown below).

The Signing Log validates this "check mark", so it can be deemed to be just as valid and binding as an electronic "initial".


Screen_Shot_2020-11-11_at_12.18.04_PM.png                            Screen_Shot_2020-11-11_at_12.18.10_PM.png




If your specific workflow still requires the use of initials, SignRequest offers the "text" field, which can be used to request or add initials.


You can add a description, to indicate to the signer that an initial is what's being requested.


The text field will appear like this for the signer.


The signer can simply type their initials into the text field.


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  • Initialing pages is legally required on all real estate transaction documents in the United States so the lack of this feature on SignRequest makes zero sense to me. DocuSign, HelloSign, and EchoSign all support initials. 

  • Ditto. Requiring signers to type both initials on all 30 pages of a real estate contract is tedious. Signers should be able to "accept" placement of their initials on each page, rather than "key-stroke" them on each page.


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