How to save or change your billing information

1. When paying via Invoice:

*Before we can provide you with a payable invoice, we will need to have your billing information saved on file in your account.  The way to do this is as follows:

  • 1. Log in with the email address that you would like to set as the primary account owner.
  • 2. Go to the Billing Page.
  • 3. Select the "FREE PLAN". (This is because you are just saving your billing information during this step, not making the purchase yet).Screen_Shot_2020-07-30_at_2.23.19_PM.png
  • Enter the billing information that you'd like to have included on the invoice. 
  • For EU and UK clients, please make sure to enter your correct VAT number.Screen_Shot_2020-07-01_at_11.47.44_AM.png
  •  Scroll down and click "SUBSCRIBE".  (You can think of this as the "save" button).Screen_Shot_2020-07-01_at_11.47.49_AM.png
  • Let your sales associate know that the information has now been saved.


2. If you would like to change the payment method you have saved on file:

  • Log in with the email address of the primary account owner.
  • Go to the Billing Page.
  • If you need to update or change your subscription, make the proper adjustments here-Screen_Shot_2020-07-30_at_2.29.59_PM.png
  • Scroll down to "Payment Method".  Click "Change credit card" and then click "SUBSCRIBE".  


Keep in mind, if you did not change the type of subscription, then you will not be charged again by clicking "SUBSCRIBE".  This is essentially just the "SAVE" button.  If you did change the type of plan or number of licenses, then you will only be charged the remaining difference.  The system always knows not to charge you for something you've already paid for!

*See How to update your invoices

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to submit a ticket to the help center.

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