Add or remove users within your account

To add users to your 'Team' profile(s), you must first make sure you have enough licenses registered under your SignRequest account. You can easily check how many licenses you have on the Billing page. 

To change the number of licenses on your subscription, select your plan and simply click the arrows (see screenshot below) until you have reached the number of user licenses you need.

The adjustments to your billing will be pro-rata if adding more user licenses, respective to your billing term, for the additional users.

If you are reducing the number of user licences on your subscription, this will be reflective in your next invoice.


Once you have made the changes to your account, select 'Subscribe' and this will update your subscription.




    Add or remove users from your Team profile(s)


      You can add or remove users within your teams:


  1. Switch to the specific team account. 
  2. Select "Teams" in the menu.
  3. Scroll down a little bit, now the team members will be visible.
  4. Invite new members by adding their email address.

      Repeat the above if you have multiple team accounts.


      5. To remove existing members, click on the remove button.



    To upgrade your number of licenses have a look here: Upgrade your licences.

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