Change ownership of a Team

How to change ownership of a team account?

If you would like to change the ownership of a team account or would like someone else to be a co-owner of the team, you can follow the steps below in this article.

- If you are wanting to change the 'owner of a subscription' due to the current owner leaving the company or position, we recommend following the steps to 'Change email address of account' in this help article.                            How to change the email address of your account

- If the 'subscription' or 'billing' details need to be transferred over from an existing SignRequest account, we advise you to add the billing and payment details to the 'new' account and raise a ticket with SignRequest support.                              

Steps to change the owner of a team account:

The current 'Owner/Co-Owner' of a team is only able to activate this change from their SignRequest account.

'Owners/Co-owners' of a team have the ability to invite/remove users from the 'team', delete any document/template from the 'team' profile and also reach out to support to inquire about the 'team' profile users and settings.

1. For a user to become a new owner or co-owner of team, they will first need to be a member of the 'team'.              Add a user to a team

2. Log into your 'team' profile from the drop-down in the top right of the page when logged into your SignRequest account.



3. Once logged into your 'team' profile, go to the 'Teams' page located in the drop-down in the top right of the page.


4. Scroll to the bottom of the Teams page to the 'Members' section where it shows each team members role. 


5. Select the 'Drop down' next to the contact that you want to change to become an 'Owner/Co-Owner' of the team. 


6. Select 'Set as owner'.



It is possible to have multiple 'Owners/Co-Owners' of a 'team'. It is also possible to have an 'Admin' of a team where they can manage the team and its users but they are not necessarily required to send documents to be signed.

This role will need to be requested by an 'owner' of a team by contacting SignRequest support. It is also possible to set an 'Admin' to not be able to access documents or 'templates' of a team. Please specify this when you request a 'team' member to become an 'Admin'.


What to do when the current owner of the team does not have any access to his email anymore and is unable to submit a ticket.

If this is your situation please submit a ticket


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