Advanced Team Settings

On a Professional and Business plan, you have the ability to create 'Team' account(s). Within the 'Team' account you have advanced settings that are not available on the 'Personal' accounts. To access and save the advanced settings, you need to be the owner or co-owner of the team. By default, the primary account owner is the owner of a team. Click here to change the ownership of a team.


While logged into your team account, select 'Teams' from your drop-down in the top right corner of the home page. 


                          Or on the 'Teams' tab on the left when viewing the 'My Documents' page.mceclip1.png

The advanced settings button is located in the 'Document settings' section near the 'Save' button.



The following are the different settings that are available and how they apply to your account. Once you have changed your advanced team settings, always select 'Save' for them to apply. Also, refresh your browser for the theme color and logo to appear.


Send documents as email attachments: By default, all 'Document Signed' emails will contain a PDF copy of the signed document and 'Signing Log'. You can choose to disable the attachments within the advanced team settings, and instead, the 'Document Signed' emails will contain 'document links' to access the signed document and signing log. If the signer is not subscribed to SignRequest, they will need to register to access the documents via the 'document links'.


Landing Page:  By default, your signers will be directed to a SignRequest page after signing your contract. You can, however, add your own URL, like your homepage, a custom 'Thank You' page or a link to your bookings or payment page for example. We advise you to make a specific 'Thank you for signing' page which makes it clear for your signers that the document was signed and possibly what the next steps are.


Declined Landing Page:  You can add a separate URL for users to be redirected to, when a document is declined. By default, this is the landing page, if specified. 


Default email subject:  The default email subject line for SignRequest emails. Please note that SignRequest optimizes email subject lines for email deliverability (ensure emails are not treated as spam). Only change this when absolutely necessary for your use case. This can be manually changed in the 'prepare document' page.


Default message:  The default message for a SignRequest will show in the body of the email. This can be manually changed in the 'prepare document' page.

-Note that the 'Default email subject' and the 'Default message' saved in a 'Template' will always over-ride the 'Default email subject' and the 'Default message' saved in the advanced team settings.


Font family:  By default, SignRequest automatically uses the font in the document (when available). This can be overridden by selecting a font family here in the advanced team settings.


Signature options:  You can control which type of signature a signer can add as well as force a specific 'signature' color for all signers. You can disable 'uploaded', 'typing' and 'drawing' signatures. At least one type of signature needs to be enabled in the advanced team settings. You cannot disable 'saved' signatures.


Blockchain options:   You can choose to 'Disable blockchain proof integrations' which are not by default enabled for all documents/accounts, but you can opt-out of this functionality if you wish.

Or you can choose to 'Show blockchain proof in Signing log' which will enable a blockchain timestamp proof URL link in the 'Signing Log'. This is great for easily checking the validity of the documents 'Hash code', which if one pixel of the document has changed, will show as invalid.

This is a Beta feature, and its functionality may be changed or disabled at any time.


Electronic Signature: You can choose to add your own 'Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure' that each signer is able to view and is required to agree to, before they can make a change and sign the document. The signer will be notified of this as soon as they select the 'Review Document' button in the SignRequest email, before they are able to view the document. The disclosure will appear on the 'Signing Log' of the signed document.

By default, each signer is also required to agree to SignRequests 'Terms of Service' and 'Privacy Notice' after the signer selects the 'Finalize' button.




Delete Team:  You are able to delete the team from here. The team is still able to be reactivated for 7 days after deleting it. To reactivate a team, select the 'team' from the dropdown menu in the top right of the home page. Then select 'Click here to undo deleting this team'. The previously saved team settings will still be enabled.


Manage team members and user permissions:

The 'Owner' or 'System Administrator' of a 'Team' can assign other team members different roles. The three different roles are 'Member', 'Owner' (Co-owner) and 'System Administrator'. The System administrator role needs to be set up by SignRequest support and requested by the 'Primary account owner'. You can choose to not allow the 'System Administrator' to have access to documents and templates within the team if you wish.

Inviting new members and changing members to 'Co-owners' can be done within the 'Advanced team settings'.

The 'Owner' and 'System Administrator' of a team can manage users and change team settings. This includes adding and removing users within the team.




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