How to automatically place signature stamps on your documents

By default, all documents signed via SignRequest are paired with a unique Signing Log to validate all necessary information on the signed document.  However, the Signing Log is a separate document than the signed document.  Some users want certain information, such as the Document ID, to automatically appear on the signed document itself, rather than only appearing on the separate Signing Log.  This is commonly for people that are printing out documents that have been e-signed so you can see that it has been signed legitimately.

Upon request, we offer a feature that we can apply to your Teams settings which, once activated, automatically applies a "signature stamp" on the signed document next to each signature.  

The signature stamp includes information such as the date stamp, document ID, name and email address.Signature_Stamp.gif

If you'd like us to activate this feature for one or all of your team accounts, please let us know by submitting an inquiry to



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