Email address of account no longer exists

Sometimes, the primary SignRequest account owner for a company will leave that company.  This causes their company email address to be deleted.  One problem - it is still the log-in email to the company's SignRequest account.

Due to security reasons, we are not able to simply "give out" the log in information to an email address that is not the primary account owner.

The current way to solve this problem is to simply request (via our help center) that we cancel all billing under the old email address, essentially unsubscribing the account.

Then, your new primary account owner for your company can simply create a new SignRequest account, and enter the billing information for the new account.

To prevent this from occurring in the future, we recommend that companies use a general email address for the primary account owner (like a "info@..." email address, for example).  One that will not easily be deleted when an employee leaves the company, or one that multiple people may have access to.

Otherwise, simply make sure to transfer the ownership of the account before deleting the old email address from existence.

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