How to create templates?

Do you want to get the same contract electronically signed multiple times by different signers? In that case, it’s a hassle to add fields to the contract every time. Therefore, it’s possible to create a contract (template) in which the fields are automatically added. It takes a few minutes to create and test the template, but when done it makes working with SignRequest easier and faster.

SignRequest offers two ways to create a template:

  • Templates within SignRequest
  • Templates with tags in a base document

This help article shows you how to create a Template within SignRequest.

Template tags are a way in which you can add data to a base document in your chosen word-processing program (Word, Google Docs) that is automatically recognised by SignRequest. To create a Template using tags in a base document, click here.


Templates within SignRequest


The above video shows how to create a template within SignRequest. Below are the steps one by one.

1. In the menu select "Templates"

2. Select "Create template"

3. Upload your document

4. Add the necessary input fields for the amount of 'Contacts' that you require.

-Note that the input fields in the template are assigned to the 'Contact' in the order at which the email addresses are added to the contact field and are not the same as the order of signing. This means that for example 'Contact 1' can be the first or last signer depending on what you specified in the order of signing (if used of course).

- Note that the font size of the input is determined by the height of the field.

- Signing order position '0' should only be used for the 'Sender'. All recipients/Contacts of a document need to be set at signing order position '1' or above.

- If you need to add input to the template before sending (like name, address, amounts etc.) you can assign extra input fields to yourself and add an order of signing so the receiver will only receive the document after you've completed the input fields.

5. Optionally add an order of signing, default subject line, message, attachments and activate the automatic reminders (these settings are also part of the template).

6. Click "Save"

You can now select the template on the templates page or while uploading a document.

For our "Bulk send" feature you'll need to use this Template option.



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