2FA Methods for your signers

In addition to Google Authenticator, SignRequest also provides some additional 2FA methods:

1. Text message verification

-SignRequest users have the option of automatically sending a text message verification code to the signers of documents for added identity authentication.  Signers will not be able to finalize the signatures until the text message code has been verified.

To add a text message verification:

a. Follow the usual steps of uploading a document and adding the user(s) that need to sign.

b. Click the 'Advanced' button (Below the 'Contacts' field).

Turn on Text verification

c. In the dropdown, you can now add a mobile phone number to the signer(s) of your choosing.

Please note that an additional fee applies per sent text message (0.20 USD or EUR) and a paid subscription is needed.

If you are on a monthly subscription, you will receive an invoice for text messages on a monthly basis.  If you are on a yearly subscription, you will receive the invoice for text messages annually.

Activating the electronic signature with a text message verification does however not mean that the signer(s) also receive a notification by text message.

Optional other location for adding or reviewing the text message verification-

It is also possible to add the phone number in the prepare view by opening the dropdown there.


2. User Password

-As an extra verification measure, you can add a user password for the signers of a SignRequest. You will need to provide your signers with this password separately e.g. through a text message or email.

The document contents will only be visible after the signer clicks on the link and has entered the user password.


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