How to save a 'Contacts' email address within a template document

Some signing flows require the same user(s) to be involved within a document, that you will send multiple times, which can be saved within a 'template' document. -> How to Create Templates

Instead of always having to add the same email address(es) and assign an 'action' to contacts that are always involved, you can simply save these within a 'template, and they are prefilled when you go to send the 'template' document.

You can also add a job title/role (e.g. Manager, Finance Dept, etc.) which allows the 'sender' to see who is required within the organization to take action with the document and they can enter their email address each time they send the document. -> What actions can be assigned to a contact?


The following steps demonstrate how to set this up:

  1.  Create a 'template' or 'edit' a template that you wish to add the email address(es) or job title to.
  2. Within the 'template', click on the ⌵ (down arrow) next to the preferred 'Contact(s)'.Screenshot_2022-11-16_at_8.54.50_AM.png
  3. Enter the email address(es) or role of the contact(s) that you wish to save to the template. Screenshot_2022-11-16_at_10.10.26_AM.png
  4. Select which 'Action' you wish for each contact to be assigned and then select 'Save'. Screenshot_2022-11-16_at_9.08.05_AM.png

Now when you send the saved 'template', the 'Contacts' email address or role will be prefilled and assigned the preferred 'action'.



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