How can I send a SignRequest to someone if they do not have an email address?

It may be the case for you that you need to send a SignRequest to a recipient that does not have access to an email address.

It is possible to generate an Embed URL link to the signing document via our Zapier integration or via our API solution.

This way, you can generate and send a link to sign the document via your own means, like a text message, for example, as opposed to sending it via email.

However, the email verification step is what our system uses to verify the identity of the signer. 

Because of this missing verification step, you'll need to verify the identity of the signer via your own means.

You do have the option of adding a text message verification step for an additional $0.20 per text message sent. 

You could also require an attachment of the signer whereas the signer can upload a picture of a driver's license or ID to verify the signer's identity on record.

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  • i tried with your video but embed url doesnt appear...maybe something changed or im doing something wrong?


    [{"email": "{{117401955__guestEmail}}", "needs_to_sign": true, "approve_only": false, "order": 0}]


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