How do I know my signed document has been sent to the sender?

If you are unsure that your signed document has made it back to the party who sent you the SignRequest, simply check your email inbox for a confirmation email.

The confirmation email should be titled "Document Signed."

Please note that all parties to a document will receive this confirmation email upon finalization of the document. In other words, if you received the email, so did the sender.

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  • I have signed documents and now it says that they were declined.    I do not understand???

  • Hi Sandra, we are happy to help!  Please submit a ticket to and we'll take a closer look at your situation.  Have a great day!

    Kind regards,

    Harrison H.

  • G'day guys I'm waiting for your call. I have downloaded our documents I signed and will be pleased with that. I know your busy . I'm sure if you were not real they would be on to it. I'll expect your phone call.

  • Hi there, Please email with your phone number and we will be sure to give you a call!

  • I just signed a document but yet to receive acknowledgment that it’s completed. Kindly advise, thanks


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