How to create a branded team account and invite team members?


The above video shows you how to create a branded team account. You can also add additional team members that can use this branded account. You can make multiple team accounts with the same logo and color or with different logo's and color's.

All documents and templates within a team will be visible for all team members. So to separate for example the HR team from the sales team you can make two different teams with different team members. If you don't want your documents to be visible for others you can switch to your private account or create a separate branded "team" account for yourself. 

Just contact us ( if you need help with creating a team, for example with uploading the right logo or color code.

To create a team account visit: Create Team.


What can I use a team account for?

There are many different ways on how a team account can benefit your workflow. To give you an indication you can find some examples below of how our clients use the team account.

- Create teams for different departments within your company

- Create teams for different locations for your company

- Create teams for 1 person to create a personal environment for the purpose of having access to the paid features and being able to add your company logo.


What should the new team user be aware of when you have invited him to the team account?

When a user doesn't have the billing information linked to the account, he or she will be unable to access any paid features. In order to access the paid features, the user will have to switch between the personal and the team account. In the Gif below you are able to see how this is done.





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