How to get started

Once you have subscribed to a Professional or Business plan, you'll want to set up your account.

The first things you'll want to do are:

1. How to start a free trial?
How to start a free trial?

2. Create a team

How to create a team

Teams explained

Advanced Team Settings 

3. Invite your other users (if applicable)

How to invite team members

4. Create templates

How to create a template

5. Send your first SignRequest

How to send a SignRequest

6. Managing sent documents

My Documents


The following video restates the above:

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  • this is far too complicated for me. 

  • I am not being able to download the application

  • If I am at the document can you open it up for me_

  • I will be waiting at my email address

  • Hi Marc, 

    I've emailed you directly.  

    For the future, you can direct all support queries to

    Kind regards,


  • its hard to completed for me

  • I am finding this difficult to understand, I am not very computer savvy.

    I pressed log in and took me straight to the documents yet I have not even created a password yet, I didn't even know if I am supposed to sign anything.

    I do not know what to do next or if I do not have to do anything.

    I'm sorry.

    Kind regards




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